Objective Development

Da Vinci

What makes Leonardo da Vinci's work stand out even today, from the work of his peers and contemporaries? Many would say that it is due to his paintings' unique effect on viewers, and his sculpting's human-like look and feel, ultimately caused by his impressive scientific approach toward his work.  The renaissance man Da Vinci believed there was an additional way to approach this. More than one dimensional.


Like the art world prior to Leonardo da Vinci, so too is the work of development thought of as just one look, one solution. In other words, there is more than just one dimension in development. There really are two different and distinct dimensions for you personally, and or, your leadership team. The common practice used is Subjective analysis- Driven by a key leader or authority in the organization, often influencing those involved in the Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats (SWOT) development analysis. Good but not the most bountiful.

The other (Great2Greatest) dimension is Objective analysis- Lead by key people in the organization, but free of one person's influence and or dominance. Immediately creating a multi-dimensional result to the work. Connecting leader--team--individual onto the same canvass. Becoming an expressive environment for this analysis, offering everyone an easy-to-understand way to share important thought without the threat of endangering their job, relationships or future. Resulting in the development of an impressive working picture.

5 Steps Process:

1) Competency - The ability to complete the assigned tasks with excellence

2) Character - A strong sense of morality that leads a person to do things correctly according to the law or company policy. This includes a good reputation, a sincere caring for people and being faithful with assigned responsibilities. 

3) Capacity - The blend of expectations and resources necessary to achieve the defined goals with maximum productivity.

4) Chemistry - The proper mixture of skills, personalities, leadership styles and resources that enable all involved to be personally and professionally satisfied and productive. 

5) Clarity - A person, and or, team that possesses a complete understanding of what would define it as successful.



Options: Building Your Plan 

Individuals, teams / departments, divisions or a company as a whole: A variety of individual life coaching and or leadership development avenues can be designed for you. Resulting in feed-back and data specific to you, with a compelling (personal / professional) vision plan. The G2G game plan is always  determined from the extensive fact-finding process prior to the G2G Coaching engagement time beginning.

Cohesiveness & Strategic Planning: Does your leadership team need fresh focus, possibly a revival? G2G practices 'Objective Strategic Planning'. This provides for a robust discussion environment, with simple parameters established beforehand. Fresh ideas, in-depth discussion lead by your team leader(s) and facilitated by G2G. RESULTS: Action plan. Measurements with established timelines. Action & Execution. On-going follow-up. Team member ownership & accountability.

Leadership Team Coaching: This becomes an extensive 360 objective review of your team, which produces summaries that are incredibly pertinent to strengthening areas where the team may be under performing. The team can also be commended for areas of excellence. A great pre-cursor to a strategic planning session.

Individual Coaching: Deep-dive leader development is a option to the work done here. This is time for a 'one-on-one' in an informal environment (typically off-site, during 'Prime-time' thinking hours) to learn more about inspiring self, then others (core development). Analysis with poignant feedback, in a coaching-style, that's completely confidential. Some specific areas we work on:  * Leveraging Personal Communication Strengths. * Improving Relationships On & Off The Field. * Growing Your Success Ratio. * "Sherpa-leadership". * Improving Overall Motivation. * Passion & Compassion.

The G2G (Organic) Coaching Relationship: Continuing our relationship with those whom we work with on such a powerful basis is often times a natural step. The relationship might be a "one and done" approach, over just a few days, weeks or months. It may also be one that continues to grow and maturate in-concert with the group, individual or entire organization for many years. One thing we see from this work is each relationship is wonderfully different, let's discover how our's works.