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THE CONSTANT NETWORKER: A funny thing happened the other day

May 03, 2016

It's all about networking today. The high touch and the high tech of it all.

We may actually have a nice network situation and not realize how pure it is. Can we have a personal, professional and "other" network? ANSWER: Yes. Can we blend our networks and sort of create a …

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SELF-TALK: 7 Amazing Reasons to Keep Doing This

April 26, 2016

Attention self-talkers, you / we are brilliant!

There’s something about our words, traveling from mouth to ear, with no one else listening that can be incredibly establishing and clear. Here's what I mean, on occasion do any of us sort of whisper “What do you think?” to ourself after explaining one …

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MINAMALISM: Have To's & Want To's

April 13, 2016

We are jealous of people who own more than us.

Here's the evidence: The average American home size has grown from 1,000 square feet to almost 2,500 square feet. Personal storage generates more than $24 billion in revenue each year. Reports indicate we consume twice as many material goods today as …

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Sales Driven: Life in the check-out lane

April 11, 2016

I do the grocery shopping about 20% of the time for my home, my wife does this the majority of the time. She's very proficient at it, has a success groove about it, knows the market price fluctuations on when to buy and when not to buy things, etc.. The last I checked, …

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HUMAN RACE | Going back in time

March 28, 2016

Cue up Huey Lewis & The News' 'Going Back In Time'. We're so advanced in our thoughts and technology that we're "discovering" things that are so old we forgot about them. 

Readers of my past writings know we've talked about one of the 'rules' we preach about in our life coaching, …

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