Individual Coaching

Business & Development Coaching

Who is the for:  Sales and Development Directors.  Leadership teams. Key people. 

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis is essential to building and growing a successful leader and or team.  This G2G development tool fits nicely with many industries, organizations and economies. Here you will see articulated ingredients you and your team hold with a detailed report on what to do and where to go with this data next.  Tremendous insights as quickly as you wish to begin the internet accessible evaluation followed with on-going coaching (personal discussion, strategy, determining measurable goals, to successful outcomes). 

Expectations & Outcomes:  Each player has a solid understanding of their role on the team.  In-depth team 360 degree view of each player. Transparency leading to a well tuned group with one focus, fostering greater trust, respect, creativity.


iLife Coaching

iLife Coaching follows the Great2Greatest achievement system and tools, quickly moving into full development of the student's life-core, felt in session one.

The student immediately finds benefits from the personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions, with higher levels of accountability and greater potential for results though a tailored plan which is measured throughout up to the finish line.  This 8 session plan consists of two hours per session through personal 1-on-1 coaching (dates determined ahead of time to accommodate your schedule, ideally completed within 4 months).

Expectations & Outcomes:  Life clarity. Higher understanding of prioritization both on the field and off.  Self awareness.  A plan for balance.  A Compelling Vision Plan- Leading to more proficient, healthier approach to achieving lasting success in your marriage, closest relationships, with business associates, and yourself. 

iLife Deep Dive

This is a long-term relationship based off of foundational life coaching analysis at the start, through individualized coaching that concentrates on your core.
Session 1 begins with a three-hour, face-to-face session. Followed by monthly one-hour phone conference G2G Coach-Calls (50-60 minutes, specific G2G tools & topics), including 'as needed' calls throughout the coaching plus quarterly three hour personal meetings, often physically "activity-based".

This success system concentrates on:

Detail oriented construction and measuring of G2G four core principals (Personal, Physical, Mental, Spiritual) through such tools as a overall life analysis, leadership analysis, as well as the opportunity to survey your business or organization's team who you interact with on a daily basis, as well as your spouse.  Reviewing and discussing your Compelling Vision Plan goals and objectives.                                                   

Expectations & Outcomes:  Analytical blue print for your life which will touch each and every important aspect of who you are.  Life change.  Breaking through on your most difficult challenges.  

Future-Now (4-8 Students)

Small group format for young adults only, ages 15-19.
The average age of a U.S. Congressperson or Senator's aid is 25 years old. 70% of the decisions these elected officials make are heavily influenced by their aids.
Personal leadership, and training is essential as a teenager grows up. The G2G achievement system is a perfect solution.
Personally introduced and lead by a G2G coach in 5 two hour sessions, participants will come ready to be challenged and equipped to change their world as they learn more about the importance of being well prepared to lead in all aspects of their life.
Typically sponsored and held at a school, church, youth-related facility.