Looking For A
Keynote Speaker?

Twenty to twenty-five hundred or more. Joe knows how to connect and make a lasting impression with groups. 

"Life is short, I love to encourage people to live life like they did when they were a kid on the playground or ball field. But, doing this while they work....All out, and exhausted with a smile on your face at the end of the day", mentions Joe. "That's where greatest is found, and this spills over to all aspects of our lives!"


"Joe is a true professional, he's got "it". The way he can play with the audience is truly a gift, I enjoyed working with him."-Eric Villegas, Top Chef, Two time TV Emmy Award Winner


Some Industries & Groups Joe Has Connected With:  Funeral. Financial. Dental. Chamber of Commerce. University-level as well as Technical School Business Development Programs. Media.  


Don't be surprised if a dodge ball game were to break out in one of Joe's presentations!

Each group, audience or conference gathering is different. With specific objectives which the planners wish their audience walks away with. Using what they learned or were inspired with the very next day. Joe gets this. "I'm fortunate to be a collector of sorts with some of the world's greatest experiences in business, athletics, marriage, and life. Inspiring examples of how we all can reach greatest" mentions Joe.

Millennial's, Gen-X'ers, Baby-Boomers, and the Greatest Generation. Get to know Joe as your next key-note speaker.

"People, leaders, and organizations become a better marketplace leaders from these insights.   I concentrate on helping the person who is already great on the field, whatever that field looks like. Quickly beginning a clearer mind-set and focus.  Sometimes it's a big lifestyle change, realizing it's all about the deep-rooted belief in  balance on life's field. We work on world changing mind-set and results. This approach I call Great2Greatest births the "World Changer" in all of us one person at a time."