The 21 Day Habit

Session 1: One eight-hour day, face-to-face, lead by your Great2Greatest Coach, with a fast-paced results oriented personal improvement impression. Sessions 2 – 4 are weekly two-hour group sessions (in a webinar/conference-call format), packed with serious life-core 'body building'. Personally moderated by your G2G Coach. Benefits from being an active participant in your group are measurable. Open discussion and confidentiality are essential during these group meetings.

Different than other life coaching or executive level study group programs, G2G challenges you with personal evaluation leading to reaching higher levels within your life-core (Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Personal), resulting in your personal blue print - a Compelling Vision Plan. Students receive Great2Greatest workbooks and related tools. Start dates: Based on required group sign-up minimums, beginning each calendar quarter.