Some Fans of Great2Greatest:

Amy Pietsch - Director, Venture Center- Fox Valley Technical College

"Thank you Joe Simon for your preparations and an outstanding message delivered to our students."

Jim Zuleger - VP, Financial Advisor

"Joe has given me coaching insights personally as well as for my organization which we have all found to be foundational and invaluable to where we are now heading."

Dr. Mark Brodhagen - Dentist, Recognized Industry Leader

"This is life changing, I've changed so much in the way I conduct my thoughts about what success is for me, and how I value time in my life today. I've begun to tell my office staff about this. We have been implementing some of the tools I've personally learned from Joe Simon and this program with my management."

Eric Villegas - Top Chef, Two time TV Emmy Award Winner

"Joe is a true professional, he's got "it".  The way he can play with the audience when he is speaking on stage or on his fabulous radio show truly is a gift. I also enjoy his coaching direction with my crazy life!"

Jay Greve - Business Development Director

"I have many challenging and enjoyable things going on in my week, but, meeting with Joe Simon, getting his life coaching insights, is the highlight of my week."

Roy Pirrung - USA Ultra Champion & World Record Holder

"Joe has consistently exhibited his leadership skills and continues to inspire me with thought provoking questions." 

Ryan Kauth - Director - UWGB Small Bus. Development Center

"Joe delivered powerful, personal leadership tenants with his conversational style that got his audience immediately thinking deeply about topics they hadn't thought about before or, in the least, topics they should be thinking about much more. What he delivered was immediately applicable. I highly recommend Joe for coaching and leadership development training."

Robert Jahnke - Director - Business Networking Group

"We had one of the largest turn-outs for our organization when word got out that Joe Simon would be speaking. His message is real, and makes you want to become a wise investor of the 86,400 seconds per day he talked about."

Joy Kapheim - Conference Planner

"We hired Joe as our key note speaker to over 400 leaders. He nailed it. The notes and survey comments all confirmed that Joe did the job. We had a great experience working with him, I would definitely work with him again."

Lisa Smith-Batchen - Pro Ultra Athlete, World Record Holder

"The Compelling Vision Plan (in Great2Greatest) is a must for anyone wanting a greatest life. Way to go Joe!"

Bruce Levenhagen - Business Executive

"This Joe Simon guy is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I was skeptical before the first (life coaching) session, and became the poster child for his Great2Greatest program after that. I learned what personal leadership is and how to use this in achieving my greatest. Stuff that I just was not participating in. Unbelievable."

Brooke Lyons - Chiropractor

"I loved how Joe helped pull the things we needed to discuss out in the small group coaching sessions. It really helped me focus on the important things, helping me make some timely decisions."

Denis Kreft - Business Executive, Innovator

"I didn't expect what I would learn about myself. Joe Simon's methods within Great2Greatest have helped me understand how to lead myself first, how to succeed and how to marinate in it for awhile."

Barb Schlieve - Business Owner

"As a graduate of G2G, I was pretty thrilled with the changes I saw in my personal leadership. I wanted my staff to experience a little of this and had Joe speak to us in our board room. Not a dry eye was in the house when he was finished. He has a way of connecting with people."